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2618 Aluminium is a high strength aluminium alloy which contains both copper and magnesium and can be used in higher temperature applications



Typical Applications

Related Specifications

Aerospace & Defence

Commonly used for pistons and rotating aircraft components due to it's high strength at elevated temperatures

UNS A92618

EN 573

EN AW-2618

BS H16


Chemical Composition (Wt %)

   Al Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Ni Zn Ti Zr+Ti Pb+Sn
Min Bal - 0.90 1.80 - 1.20 0.80 - - - -
Max Bal 0.25 1.4 2.70 0.20 1.80 1.40 0.10 0.20 0.25 0.05

Typical Mechanical Properties

  0.2% Proof Stress Tensile Strength Elongation Reduction of area Typical Hardness (HBW)
Content 340 420 7 - -

Hardness after Heat Treatment

* Every effort has been made to ensure that our technical specifications are accurate. However, technical specifications included within Dynamic Metals Ltd should be used as a guideline only and are subject to change without notice.
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