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Dynamic Metals has well established relationships with numerous forging facilities across the UK and Europe. Allowing us to match the best suited facility to fulfill order and customer requirements.

We regularly carry out the following forging operations:

  • Press forging
  • Hammer forging
  • GFM forging
  • Closed die forging
  • Ring rolling
  • Bar rolling

We have the ability to convert ingot, billet or bar stock to finished and semi finished products in various shapes and sizes. All in accordance with individual customer requirements.

We can forge the following profiles:

  • Round bars
  • Flat bars
  • Rings
  • Discs

Shaped components can be forged through the closed die process. We can arrange for dies and tooling to be manufactured in accordance with customer requirements.

Please contact us today to discover how Dynamic Metals can meet your urgent delivery deadlines.

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