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15-5 PH is a precipitation-hardening stainless steel alloy that offers excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and good toughness. This alloy conforms to AMS 5659 and AMS 5862 and is commonly used in aerospace and power generation applications where the combination of high strength and corrosion resistance is essential. (see table below)

Specifically, in aerospace, 15-5 PH (UNS S15500) is frequently used in engine parts, structural components, and landing gear. In power generation, it is used in components such as gas turbine engine parts, valves, and shafts.

One of the benefits of 15-5 PH is that it is relatively easy to work with and can be readily machined, welded, and formed. However, to optimize the mechanical properties of this alloy, heat treatment may be necessary.

The heat treatment process for 15-5 PH typically involves two steps: solution annealing and precipitation hardening. Solution annealing is performed at a temperature range of 1010-1150°C for 1-4 hours to dissolve the alloy's precipitates and homogenize the microstructure. Precipitation hardening is then performed at a lower temperature of around 480°C for 4-16 hours to promote the precipitation of the strengthening phase. This process results in significant improvements in the alloy's strength, hardness, and toughness, making it suitable for use in demanding applications where high mechanical performance is required.

 It can be produced either through consumable electrode melting (ESR) or Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR). 15 5PH stainless steel offers very good transverse properties and is corrosion resistant.

Specific Gravity

7.8 g/cm3

Typical Applications

Related Specifications



Aircraft Structural parts



Valve parts

AMS 5659

UNS S15500

W.Nr 1.4545

Chemical Composition (Wt %)

  C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cb Cu Fe
Min 14.00 3.50 5 x % 2.50 Bal
Max 0.07 1.00 1.00 0.030 0.015 15.50 0.50 5.50 0.45 4.50

Typical Mechanical Properties

  0.2%  Proof Stress Tensile Strength Elongation Reduction of area Hardness
  MPA MPA % % HB
  Min Min Min  Min  Min Max
      L T L T    
H900 1172 1310 10 6 35 20 388  
H925 1069 1172 10 7 38 25 375  
H1025 1000 1069 12 8 45 32 331  
H1075 862 1000 13 9 45 33 311  
H1100 793 965 14 10 45 34 302  
H1150 724 931 16 11 50 35 277  

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